Increase Cannabis harvest in less time! Grow Healthier Plants Faster with KW!

Increase yields! Stop mold in Organic grow! All with Kangen!

No-Residue pest management

No more Powdery Mildew! Kangen Water is an effective treatment for eradicating mold in your organic cannabis grow, along with fungus gnats & aphids, naturally.  Use the 2.5 pH hypochlorous acid water to spray and dip your plants after harvest to keep from molding! Skip the 4-day curing process simply by dipping your plants in the 2.5 pH Hypochlorous acid Kangen Water.  The plants will be clean, brighter, and mold-free.

Increases Nutrient Uptake -Decreases costs

The ionized, Micro-Structured Kangen water absorbs and feeds your organic grow deeper,  faster. Use an average of  30% fewer nutrients and get stronger heartier cannabis and hemp plants.  

Our Promise to You

Every Grower can grow healthier, stronger, heavier- flowering plants,  Faster. 

Our goal is to help you create an organic Grow & Pest treatment plan using Kangen Water.

The results will pay!

Naturally Thriving Agriculture




 Pre-soaking your cannabis seeds in the micro-structured  Kangen Water absorbs deeper, faster into them. Soaking briefly in the 2.5 pH acid water will kill virus, bacteria, mold & fungus. Your cannabis grow starts clean and stays clean.




Cannabis plants thrive when watered with Kangen Water.  Varying pH level water is used depending on your plant's preferred range. Mix your favorite tea or emulsion, etc, with KW, to deliver more nutrients deeper, faster into the organic-grow plants. It takes about 30% less fertilizer vs using regular water.  Aphids, mites, mold & fungus are easily controlled with 2.5 pH hypochlorous ,acid water. Both 11.5 Ph and 2.5 pH kill aphids for different reasons. NO CHEMICAL residues, no protective gear or masks needed for the application. It is "water".





Flowers and roses love the Kangen water. Use with your organic-grow vegetables for strong vibrant growth, then use 9.5 Ph for most flowers when freshly cut. They literally last for up to weeks longer than with regular  or filtered water,

Our Team

Kangen Water Enthusiast

Kate Is a long-time Gardener and Kangen Water user. 

" I started drinking Kangen Water because it absorbed and I quit sloshing when I walked! I quit being parched all the time". 


I heard the KW was useful against vermin in the garden, so I set up my own casual experiment . My plants were covered with aphids.I divided my large organic bed in half and sprayed one half with 2.5Ph acid water, and the other with 11.5 Ph water. The next day the aphids on both sides were dead. Turns out the 2.5 Ph is oxidizing, while the 11.5 Ph emulsifies their  coating and they dehydrate rapidly. My plants were unharmed and continued to grow nicely.


Kangen Water is changing agriculture for both the small grower and larger-scale operations. The results encourage the shift from Chemical poisons to Water!

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